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8 Ways To Look Your Best on Facebook

If you're on Facebook already then give yourself a big pat on the back. You've already taken an important step towards building your online business. If you're not on Facebook, what are you waiting for?


Are You Using Your Website To Build a Brand?

For what purpose do you intend to use your website? If you haven't answered this one simple question find out why you may not be utilizing your website to its full potential.


How To BOOST SALES by Accepting Credit Cards!

Learn how implementing E-Commerce into your website to market goods and services and accepting online payments can help you automate to save time and money leaving you ample opportunity to focus on other areas of your business.

Does Your Website Need Security?

If you receive a mountain of junk mail which includes credit card applications you'll know just how easily it is to steal someone's identity. Just as someone can easily raid your trash can looking for these applications (and apply for a credit card in your name), thieves also have ways of lifting your identity from websites when you shop online.

Web Designer vs. Web-Template System - How to Know Which One is Right For You

How to decide if you can use a template or if your business model is better off with a custom graphics designer.

Use a Social Media Map to Show Customers How to Find You

Are you a fuzzy about social media and how it can help to reel in customers? If this entire concept has you seeing stars, this article can help you get clear on the best way to provide your customers with a  virtual map to your business.

Use Your ABC's to Make Your Website Dazzle

How Using The "A-B-C's" of Your Website that Dazzles and Brings Repeat Visitors! Use this simple and easy "building block" to ensure your web business performs in tip top shape.

How To Build Your Website, Even In Tough Times

Get back to basics! You don't really need expensive Pay-Per-Click campaigns to draw your customers to you.  Learn why Search Engine Optimization is a cost effective alternative and can help you go back to the "basics" of gaining traffic.

4 Steps to a Website Layout That Works!

4 Quick Fix Tips to whip your website into shape, help your customers know what you want them to do FIRST when they arrive at your website, and to showcase products and services.

What to Expect When You're Expecting...Your Website that is!

Be in the know when you build your website. If you're ready to begin building your website you'll want to be "in the know" about  who's who on your team, the graphics design protocol and what to expect! 

How To Select Your Domain Name

Nearly every person and business has at least one. Rumor has it that every word in the English language dictionary has been used in domain registration. Do you have yours yet? Are you curious about the secrets to domain selection and registration that reduce errors when others are searching for your website and help with search engine ranking?

What To Look For In a Web Host

I have a domain name, now what? This is a common question. A web hosting provider is like a garage for your website, somewhere to store it. Are they all the same, can you host for free, how do you avoid advertisements on your website and what the heck is bandwidth anyway? All these questions and more are answered!

Accepting Credit Cards Online
The Dos and Dont's:  how to be smart with your solution

If you no longer want to do business by check alone, taking credit cards can give wings to your business. But what do you need to know to select an Internet Merchant Account? Who is PayPal and what do they offer you? If you've never heard the terms IMA,  3rd-party provider and fraud prevention, this report is for you!